Faizal Luttamaguzi

Serial Entrepreneur

Speaker for Urban Planning & Society at Gather 2018

Sepehr Mousavi - Gather 2018
Born in Uganda, raised in Sweden, educated in USA with a marketing career in England, Faizal is the classic example of a ‘global citizen’ and early on realised its big advantages as opposed to the many challenges that society and his surroundings told him it would bring. He has since then founded several companies like toursofstockholm.com, vipscandinavia.com and cocomatbikes.se built on the foundation of being a minority, multicultural and daring to stand out from the crowd. Today he is a renowned speaker who shares his insights regarding trying to make a global impact with the help of a wooden bicycle...

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Urban Planning & Society

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the impact of Self-driving cars, vertical farming and everything else we’re facing in the future, posing the question:

What does a smart city mean in reality?

Urban Planning & Society

What is Gather?

Gather is both a conference and music festival where you will meet your new best friend, dance with your future love, and innovate with your next business partner.

Gather 2018 takes place in Stockholm, September 13–15 and will include 50+ speakers, performances from all around the world, music at several venues and Innovation labs solving actual business challenges.

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