Casey Hudetz - Black Mirror & Speculative Design Masterclass

Debuting in 2011, the British sci-fi series Black Mirror immediately touched a nerve with a large audience. It cleverly explores a wide variety of topics such as privacy, robotics, augmented reality, social media, smart homes, and more broadly, their role within society and our shared humanity. Speculative design is way of imagining and anticipating the future while simultaneously providing a lens through which to see ourselves more clearly. Black Mirror presents countless “What-if?” scenarios that challenge us to consider the benefits and pitfalls that each new technology provide us.

Join Casey Hudetz as he reflects on how we can learn from Black Mirror’s cautionary tales and the work of speculative designers to create a future in which we all want to live.

Casey Hudetz is a user experience designer, speaker, educator, award-winning filmmaker and AI enthusiast from Chicago. After receiving his BA in adolescent psychology, he taught middle school computers, ran a student travel company and saw the world by working a series of jobs ranging from beekeeping in South America to directing a communications team on a cruise ship to producing web content for STA travel. He eventually returned to school to receive his master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction and then jumped head first into the design field. Over the last few years he has studied design thinking at Stanford, spoken at SXSW twice, given talks on AI ethics and designed for the digital agency Digitas

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