Out of Control, in Command - how Jazz can Inspire us to Handle Complexity

Out of control, in command - how jazz can inspire us to handle complexity

The world is changing faster and in more unpredictable ways than ever. Complex interactions are a part of ever job. As an experienced entrepreneur and leader who grew up with jazz, Carl always wondered how jazz musicians could collaborate without rehearsals and create music that always different.  

In this experience Carl will describe how jazz musicians improvise together and turn unscripted actions into a coherent yet unique piece of music on the spot. In this powerful performance, half talk, half concert, Carl Størmer uses stories from his years as a jazz musician, entrepreneur and leader in large and small organizations, to illustrate the inner workings complex interactions in jazz. The talk demonstrates the power of improvisation when faced with expected unpredictability.  Through his talk the audience discovers their own improvisational superpower, and how it can be used to increase flexibility and mastery when faced with rapid change and increased complexity.  

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