Christian Landgren

CEO & Founder Iteam

Speaker for Democracy & Power at Gather 2018

Florence Toffa - Gather 2018
Christian Landgren is the CEO and founder of Iteam, a Swedish high tech digitalization agency helping big brands remain at the cutting edge when it comes to new digital strategy, technique and business development. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of digitalization and has been hand picked as one of twelve tech entrepreneurs giving advice to the Swedish Minister of Innovation. During the Cambridge Analytica scandal Iteam created a software called Flödeskollen to test Facebook’s vulnerability. They easily succeeded to map out activity on 115 000 Facebook accounts and used Flödeskollen to visualise how an audience can be controlled for commercial or political reasons without anyone noticing. Christian and Iteam also made headlines for their work in suggesting a radical approach (Blockchain + open source) for the new Swedish state-backed digital currency e-krona.

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Democracy & Power

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore if modern democracy can keep apace with the rapid changes happening in the world and pose the question:

What is real or true, how are we controlled by the big players and what does our future citizenship entail?

Money, Business & Transactions - Gather 2018

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