Alfred Ruth

Author & Entrepreneur

Speaker for Money, Business & Transactions at Gather 2018

Florence Toffa - Gather 2018
After starting out as a journalist, Alfred Ruth founded the startup Videoplaza in 2007 that quickly grew to an international success. The last few years, Alfred has dived deep into AI and the existential questions that technology now raises. At Gather, Alfred will be speaking about the impact AI will have on our society with increasing automation and what awaits us as human beings when the computer becomes more intelligent than ourselves. At Gather, he will also launch the first part of his speculative fiction trilogy Fermis Filter, which despite being fiction, is based on the true technical and political challenges that lies ahead of us.

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Money, Business & Transactions

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the current reshaping of the global economic landscape, posing the question:

How far can this new financial revolution take us?

Money, Business & Transactions - Gather 2018

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