Abass El-Hage

Co-Founder of HIZZ

Speaker for Democracy & Power at Gather 2018

Azmat Khan - Gather 2018
Abass El-Hage is the co-founder of HIZZ. This Cairo based art & music collective is functioning as a record label, a dream factory and a safe space for creators of all sorts. Having two artist residencies, HIZZ aims to be a platform for creative expressions and to provide a safe, free, inspiring, and supportive environment. Artists, both local and international, are welcome to meet, work, exchange, and showcase their ideas. Abass is responsible for setting up the HIZZ house residencies in both Detroit and Cairo. From organizing HIZZ events in Cairo and around the region to mentoring music start-ups in the HIZZ incubator and managing the record label, Abass is dedicated to creating a self sustaining platform for independent art and music from the Middle East and diaspora.

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Democracy & Power

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore if modern democracy can keep apace with the rapid changes happening in the world and pose the question:

What is real or true, how are we controlled by the big players and what does our future citizenship entail?

Democracy & Power - Gather 2018

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Gather 2018 takes place in Stockholm, September 13–15 and will include 50+ speakers, performances from all around the world, music at several venues and Innovation labs solving actual business challenges.

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