Partners 2018

Themes 2018 - Join the Discussion

Urban Planning & Society - Gather 2018

Urban Planning & Society

The democratic city and urban spaces for everyone.

- Physical Filter Bubbles
- Responsive Environments
-Mobility as a Service
- The Food Tech Revolution

Humans & Machines - Gather 2018

Humans & Machines

The Merging of Humans and Machines is Happening now.

- AI and Policy
- The China example 
- The real Black Mirror
- Brain & Bio hacking

Democracy & Power - Gather 2018

Democracy & Power

What is real or true and what does our future citizenship entail?

- AI for President
- The Swedish Election in Review
- Fixing the Future
- The Feminist 4th Revolution

Media, Design & Creativity - Gather 2018

Media, Design & Creativity

Tow are we equipped to deal with media and “the truth”?

- The Ambivalent Internet
- Computational Creativity
- Deepfakes 
- Alternative Realities

Money, Business & Transactions - Gather 2018

Money, Business & Transactions

How far can this new financial revolution take us?

- Economic Singularity
- Redefining Trust
- Beyond the Blockchain
- Exponential Organisations

Featured Speakers

Urban Planning & Society - Gather 2018

Sheela Birnsteil

Key Figure of the Osho Cult

A key figure of the infamous Osho Cult and now globally recognised from the Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country,
Sheela will discuss her experience during her time with Osho.


Urban Planning & Society

Humans & Machines - Gather 2018

Jan Eliasson

Diplomat & Politician

Self proclaimed “worried optimist” Jan Eliasson is a famed Swedish international diplomat who’s resume includes time as UN Deputy Secretary-General and president of the UN General assembly.


Democracy & Power

Democracy & Power - Gather 2018

Christopher Wylie

Whistleblower - Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal

Social researcher and data scientist  Christopher worked with The Guardian and New York Times as a whistleblower to expose how social media data was being exploited and turned against ordinary citizens.


Media, Design & Creativity


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Gather Labs - Join the Innovation Process

In the Gather Labs we bring solutions to challenges set by companies and organizations. The labs are designed in various ways, ranging from open workshops to short sprint sessions.

Theme Labs

Gather aims to do a Lab per Theme to develop solutions regarding more general and major issues related to every one of the five themes. Each Lab is carried out with one of Gathers Innovation Partners.

Motivation Labs

The Motivation Lab is where ideas becomes innovations. The objective is to help entrepreneurs and idea-driven people to take their first steps towards making their idea become reality. The projects will meet experts, leaders, inspirations and each other to set new goals, scale ideas, prototype projects, seek founding, talent and breaking new grounds.

Solution Labs

A Solution Lab can have the goal of pushing the company's innovation work forward, with the participants helping to bring in new insights based on an organisation's challenges or with a few versatility feedback on an ongoing innovation projects. Together with the lab process leaders, their expert network and the Gather visitors Gather creates lab groups with the goal of finding solutions, new mindsets and ideas about the organisation's challenges.

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