<p>Singer-songwriter from Dalarna, Sweden. <strong>Amanda Bergman</strong> has previously performed and released music under the stage name Idiot Wind and as Hajen and also as part of the band Amason. In February of 2016 she released her debut solo album ”Docks” and shortly after she toured the world with both First Aid Kit and The Tallest Man on Earth.</p>
Amanda Bergman
<p>Former neuroscientist turned VR/AR enthusiast based at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital (East) as a project manager, working with digitalization, AI, big data and finding ways in which VR can benefit psychiatric care. Her newly founded portal VRPsykiatri.se is an effort to connect the game development community with the healthcare sectors in order to create greater collaborations and more VR-projects in psychiatric care.</p>
Almira Osmanovic-Thunström
<p>As a researcher at the department of Urban Planning and Environment at KTH in Stockholm, <strong>Anna Hult</strong> recently finished her PhD called “Unpacking Swedish Sustainability: The promotion and circulation of sustainable urbanism”. She is also the Co-Founder of the Amsterdam based organisation <strong>CITIES</strong>, working with urban research, communication and initiates local solutions for global urban problems.</p>
Anna Hult
<p>The founders of Another Tomorrow <strong>Fredrik Hegehammar</strong> and <strong>Joe Coppard</strong> are &nbsp;much like us at Gather. &nbsp;Curators, facilitators and analysts that combine organisational needs with emerging trends using diverse perspectives to create opportunities.</p>
Another Tomorrow
<p>An entrepreneur within communication with democracy as his compass. Also known as the Democracy-agent. <strong>Barakat Ghebrehawariat</strong> is a&nbsp;speaker, advisor and teacher with long experience from working with communication from a perspective of diversity.</p>
Barakat Ghebrehawariat
<p>The co-founder and Managing Director of&nbsp;<strong>Better Shelter</strong>, <b>Johan Karlsson</b>, is a Swedish social enterprise with a mission to improve the lives of persons who have had to flee armed conflicts and natural disasters. Better Shelter designs and develops modular post-emergency shelters in collaboration with&nbsp;<strong>UNHCR</strong>&nbsp;and the&nbsp;<strong>IKEA Foundation</strong>&nbsp;and strives to provide displaced families with a safer, more dignified home away from home.</p>
Better Shelter
<p>With his brand new album released in april 2017, Europagang-founder Busu is most famous for his eurodance inspired way to do hiphop. His has been acclaimed by the likes of Pigions and Planes and Elevator Mag for his new way to create colorful and crisp hiphop that erases national borders.</p>
<p>As Managing Director at Accenture, <strong>Charlotta Kvarnström</strong> is responsible for Nordic Communications, Media and Technology Process Services. Kvarnström is also the Accenture Sweden Gender Diversity Business Sponsor and a member of the Accenture Sweden Human Capital Board, and has in this capacity led the gender diversity recruiting transformation.</p>
Charlotta Kvarnström
<p>Christian Engström was a Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Pirate Party between 2009 and 2014, focusing on Internet freedom issues, including the right to privacy, net neutrality and copyright reform. After leaving the European Parliament, he has developed a concrete proposal for basic income for Sweden, including preliminary costings and financing.</p>
Christian Engström
<p>Founder and CEO of <strong>Exponential</strong>, a global consultancy specialized in providing strategic advice, analysis and professional development related to digital transformation. <b>Claudia Olsson</b>&nbsp;is one of the Nordic region’s most sought-after speakers on exponential technologies, future trends, leadership and governance.</p>
Claudia Olsson
<p>A writer, artist and academic, <strong>Daniel Rourke</strong>,&nbsp;currently finalises a PhD in Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. His work exploits the speculative and science fiction in search of a radical ‘outside’ to the human(ities), including extensive research on the intersection between digital materiality, the arts, and posthumanism. In 2015 Daniel and artist & activist <strong>Morehshin Allahyari</strong> released The 3D Additivist Manifesto: a call to push technologies beyond their breaking point, into the realm of the provocative, and the weird.</p>
Daniel Rourke
<p>The podcast "<strong>Den Digitala Draken</strong>" has in a short time become one of Sweden's most influential voices about innovation and technology. With captivating episodes, hosts <strong>Jacob Lovén</strong> and <strong>Tom Xiong</strong> are telling the story about how a new generation of innovation driven technology companies from China are on their way to surpass Silicon Valley.</p> <p>Tom Xiong is the founder of the fitness and health plaChina and the next generation of digital innovationtform Move Shanghai in China, Jacob Lovén is the Head of Innovation at OMD. The duo have extensive experience from Internet and media companies such as Klarna, Schibsted, MTG.</p>
Den digitala draken (podcast)
<p>A collective run by landscape architects&nbsp;<strong>Johanna Bratel</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Karin Andersson</strong>. They work experimentally and research based with the potential of urban spaces by questioning contemporary conventions about what a city is an can be. With workshops, articles, lectures, installations and consulting assignment they strive to make what is outside the norm visible, make space for more people and shine a light on unequal power structures in urban environments.</p>
<p><strong>Elin Aram</strong>, UX designer and <strong>Lars Ericsson</strong>, Head of Tech at Doberman will give you a peek into the life of someone who lives in a super-connected city surveilled by cameras and sensors everywhere. What services do we expect to get for the price of our privacy and who is responsible to deliver them?</p>
<p>As a NASA Datanaut <strong>Dr. Kate Stone</strong> spends her time thinking of new and different ways to "hack" paper. Blending creativity and science, her experiments combine regular paper with conductive inks and tiny circuit boards to offer a unique and magical experience. To date, applications include a newspaper embedded with audio and video and posters that display energy usage in real time.</p> <p>19-year old artist <strong>Be Charlotte</strong> has already participated in a panel discussion at SXSW on "Making Music Physical Again" as part of her work with Cambridge Science and Technology firm Novalia. At Gather, Charlotte will work with Keynote speaker Dr Kate Stone to create "digital experiences" where she interacts musically with Dr Stone's inventions.</p>
Dr. Kate Stone & Be Charlotte
<p>Drömfakulteten is everything from ambient to hardcore. Through DJ-ing, composing, holding lectures and engineering they create new ways of encouraging the technological and philosophical rules of music making.</p>
<p>Everyday’s mission is to awaken curiosity and to stimulate intellectual, creative and spiritual inquiry into the questions fundamental to human life. Offering courses where you can learn essential skills from remarkable teachers, they have always been driven by the vision of creating a world where wisdom is in the hands of people and not in the pages of books.</p>
Everyday School
<p>Born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait and based in Brooklyn, transnational musician, producer and visual artist <strong>Fatima Al Qadiri</strong> often explores the sonic relationship between war, protest and modern music. She is also part of the project Future Brown. Her second album ”Brute” was released in 2016 and she will also give a talk at Gather.</p>
Fatima Al Qadiri
<p>Femme InspiraTion is an inspiration network for women and non-binary who work with technology i in Stockholm. The network aims to create inspiring meet ups where we, who work in technology, have the opportunity to meet people working in the same industry to exchange experiences, pep, laugh and make new friends. Femme organizes AW's lectures, theme events, etc. In short, inspiring activities and meet-ups that the network members want to do.</p>
Femme InspiraTion
<p>As an entrepreneur in the fields of clothing, finance and education, Fredrik Wikholm's work enables social-ecological innovations by bridging the gap between science and entrepreneurship. Hailing from Sweden, Fredrik's passion for reversing climate change grew out of his childhood in nature and many years in the climbing & snowboard community that later formed as Uniforms for the Dedicated, the menswear company that Fredrik co-founded in 2007. He later moved on to founding The Rag Bag, Dedicated Institute, From Air and Society Beyond, initiatives and organizations built to serve the greater good of people and planet.</p>
Fredrik Wikholm
<p>Irish-Australian <strong>Gerard Ryle</strong> is the director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in Washington, DC which coordinated the release of the <strong>Panama Paper</strong><strong>s </strong>across the world. It was the biggest cross-border collaboration in journalism history. He has more than 60 journalism awards from six countries. <strong>Reporters Without Borders</strong> has described his work with ICIJ as <strong>"the future of investigative journalism worldwide."</strong></p>
Gerard Ryle
<p>International collective STAYCORE is a label and dj crew run from Stockholm and founded by producers/DJs Dinamarca and Ghazal. Together with ALX9696 they transgress traditional genre barriers and bring the sounds of the Carribbean to Scandinavia and beyond.</p>
Ghazal, ALX9696 & Dinamarca
<p>Electronic music duo <strong>Jonatan Nilsson</strong> and <strong>Ludvig Stolterman</strong> draw their inspiration from the woods and widths of northern Sweden. Together with melancholic vocal samples and warm, fuzzy chord progressions, Gidge create ambient lullabies with their own sense of atmosphere and emotion.</p>
<p>With a passion for design, technology and innovation, Greg Carley's current Global Leadership role in the Design Strategy Group at Accenture has him focused on "What’s Next" for FJORD when it comes to emerging technology, trends, and new design approaches. Using his "100 Days of Innovation" Framework, he is recognized for effectively motivating and driving cross-disciplinary teams to produce creative work and building innovative products. Trained in both journalism (Mass Communication) and graphic design (Visual Communication), Carley tackles creative processes with a holistic and pragmatic approach.</p>
Greg Carley
<p>Hannes Sjöblad works as Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter Stockholm where he helps people and companies spot potential disruptions. He is also the founder of the Swedish biohacker community BioNyfiken (bionyfiken.se) and Chairman of Människa+, the Swedish transhumanist association (manniskaplus.nu).</p>
Hannes Sjöblad
<p>Born and raised in Chicago, home of house music, but now based in the fashion capital of New York, charismatic Honey Dijon has similarly created her own space somewhere between the music and fashion world. She has played at clubs like Berghain and Space and for festivals such as the Coachella and BPM Festival of the Year. She has also curated music for fashion shows like Louis Vuitton and has a close collaboration with British designer Kim Jones. As a black transperson, she has also been able to create her own space in both of these worlds, bridging them together with her distinct mix of genres.</p>
Honey Dijon
<p>Hybrid Forest is a creative studio made up by thinkers and doers who practices the alchemy of creativity and technology to craft emotions in the stories we tell. They design experiences through code, film and 3D. By the use of technology we experience and interpret our realities. What meaning can we give to them?</p>
Hybrid Forest
<p>iGEM Stockholm is a team of university students and members of Stockholm Makerspace community lab. Together they work on a project to compete in iGEM, a worldwide competition in synthetic biology initiated by MIT in Boston. All year they have been putting science from theory into practice by engineering bacteria and designing DNA. As a team they are students in design, biology, medicine and engineering. Together they mix all different kinds of mind settings &nbsp;– optimists, critics, world saviors, lateral thinkers - to discuss the future of biotechnology. As our world is getting more and more complex, our questions are getting more complex too. iGEM Stockholm's aim is to be part of democratizing biology, to give everyone the chance to shape the future.</p>
<p>Architect and co-founder of 00 (project00.cc) <b>Indy Johar<strong>,</strong></b>&nbsp; is a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation and Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield. By studying not only houses, but also structures and cities, he reveals how we can view cities as places for collaborative innovation.</p>
Indy Johar
<p>Innovation Plant is a consultancy focused on the advancement of innovations within companies. Founder Kaj Mickos is a professor emeritus in innovation technique. Innovation Plant famously run their 72 hour races, often resulting in numerous patents and new ideas.</p>
Innovation Plant
<p>Just recently, <strong>Jonas Lidman</strong> joined Pond Innovation as Head of Business Development. He's been working in the crossing where organization, communication, business and technology meet. Jonas has worked with organisations like SVT, Visit Sweden, Mondelez and The Swedish Military Intelligences with the challenge “How can we cope with the pace of change we are experiencing as an organization?”. <br><br>Jonas has graduated from the KaosPilots in Denmark and is a frequent teacher at Berghs, Hyper Island and Umeå University.<br></p>
Jonas Lidman
<p>As the CTO and founder of Gleechi, <strong>Kai Hübner </strong>aims to make artificial hands as easy and precise to use as our own hands. The company's technology is used to enable robots to pick up objects in real-time and humans to interact in VR. He is a VR and robotics nerd and the founder of the largest VR community in Sweden.</p>
Kai Hübner
<p>For the past year, Karin Pettersson has lived and studied at Harvard after having been awarded the prestigious Nieman Fellowship. Sweden awaits her return as Political Editor-in-Chief at Aftonbladet, Scandinaviass biggest daily newspaper, a position she has held since 2010. Prior to all this, Karin was the Head of Communication at the Swedish Social&nbsp;Democrats and has&nbsp;co-founded Fokus, a leading Swedish news magazine.</p>
Karin Pettersson
<p>As a designer and expert on human behaviour as well as a top ranked CEO in Sweden and head of service design agency Antrop, <strong>Katarina Walter</strong> is strongly convinced that everyone can make micro actions towards positive change and that service design is a driving force that empowers this movement.</p>
Katarina Walter
<p>The English rapper, singer, and producer <strong>Lady Leshurr</strong> is best known for her Queen's Speech series of freestyles from 2015 and has worked with producers like Timbaland and Deputy and is viewed by many as the queen of Grime. She is well-known for her fast rap style and are often compared with Busta Rhymes.</p>
Lady Leshurr
<p>Sisters Sabina and Anfa were discovered by Swedish rapstar Silvana Imam. With of energy and creativity they rap about stereotypes, sex, LGBTQ-issues, human rights and use hiphop as a way to challenge, inspire and change.</p>
<p>With a PhD ethnography and now a writer based in Stockholm, Sweden, Leah Reich's work explores the intersection of the personal and the universal, the tactical and the fundamental – how each illuminates the other, and how together they help us navigate the joys and challenges of being human. She currently works at Spotify as a senior user researcher focusing on the core experience of music consumers. Prior to joining Spotify, she was Slack's first user researcher, where she helped develop a deeply human user research practice and discipline that gave product teams the insights necessary to ship features while also providing them with a deeper, more foundational understanding of their users and the product. A long-time essayist and columnist, Leah most recently wrote an advice column for The Verge titled "How To Be Human".</p>
Leah Reich
<p>Therese comes from a long background of working with digital service development. Not like, since the seventies or anything but, you know, it's been a while. Combining her business school background with user-centric design thinking, she's been an entrepreneur and also worked with companies to create exceptional products. Currently, she's on a quest to simplify and redefine what everyday-health can be, heading up the RnD department at Lifesum.<br></p> <p>Victoria is the CTO at Lifesum. She's into (and really good at, to be honest) putting together passionate, creative teams that can build awesome stuff. She spent 15 years in Silicon Valley working with various startups, and during her time at VMware; they grew from around 70 to over 10,000 employees. Yes, that is some growth. A seasoned leader within engineering organizations, she's currently helping teams and individuals thrive while revolutionizing the world of health and tech.</p>
<p>Lisa has a 10 year background within leading global ecommerce companies, she is now leading Nordic Choice Hotels' digital venture. Inhousing and building a 150+ team of experts within acquisition, loyalty, sales and technology, Nordic Choice Hotels is investing more than quarter of a billion SEK to deliver the best customer journey possible, lead by customer expectations and the possibilities of technology.</p>
Lisa Farrar
<p>Artist <strong>Lucy McRae</strong>&nbsp;straddles the worlds of fashion, technology and the body. Her provocative and often grotesquely beautiful imagery suggests a new breed: a future human archetype existing in an alternate world. The media call her an inventor; friends call her a trailblazer. Either way, Lucy relies on instinct to evolve an extraordinary visual path that is powerful, primal and unique.</p>
Lucy McRae
<p>Executive Director and Co-founder of <strong>The Quantified Planet</strong> - a non-profit organization with the mission to bring together the world's data on people and planet data for the benefit of humanity. <b>Maja Brisvall</b> is an entrepreneur with several startups behind her in San Francisco, London and Stockholm. Maja is also an expert advisor in the <strong>Swedish Government Committee for Digitization</strong>.</p>
Maja Brisvall
<p><strong>Hacking the female body<br></strong>Since forever products and services have been developed for men by men. Or in best case by men for women. Business has been lagging behind and not fulfilling the actual needs of real women. An underserved market equals a great playground for new investment, as long as we put the women at the center. Two business strategists make a deep dive into products and services supporting the female body and the gold that can be dug from this yet to be exploited market.</p> <p><strong>Elin Westerberg</strong><br>Elin has a master from Stockholm School of Economics and apart from working with business development at Great Works/Making Waves she has experience from the FMCG world at P&G as well as communications planning.</p><p><strong>Sofia Hellsten</strong><br>Sofia has a master from Stockholm School of Economics and apart from working with business development at Great Works/Making Waves she’s been working with communications strategy and has experience from founding and running a non-profit art organisation.</p>
Making Waves
<p>The CEO of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Board member at Stockholm Trade Fair, Swedish Transport Administration, Business Sweden and Pop House AB. Before <b>Maria</b> <strong>Rankka</strong> came to the Chamber of Commerce, she was the CEO of the Stiftelsen Fritt Näringsliv / Timbro. Prior to that, she was a partner in the fast-growing consulting company Prime PR.</p>
Maria Rankka
<p>Coming from political science and with a degree from Gothenburg University, <strong>Mathias Antonsson</strong> now heads<strong> Civil Rights Defenders</strong> work on innovation. Mathias has previous experience from the<strong> UN</strong>, where he pioneered the organisation's Twitter account and received a <strong>UN 21 Award</strong> for his project management skills. Prior to that, Mathias worked for the Embassy of Sweden in Australia as well as for Sida and the organisation Ushahidi in Kenya. Mathias has co-founded Making All Voices Count – a global Challenge Fund focusing on governance as well as Plurrify, a renowned international podcast on innovation, social entrepreneurship and activism.</p>
Mathias Antonsson
<p>Mirik Milan is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam and an experienced creative director for events. Throughout the years he has been busy organizing parties, fashion shows and cultural events. The Night Mayor has played a leading role in the introduction of the 24-hour licenses. Furthermore he or she functions as an interlocutor for all parties participating in the Amsterdam nightlife</p>
Mirik Milan
<p>Swedish-Barbadian singer Naomi Pilgrim, previously a back-up singer for Lykke Li, Agnes and other artists, broke out as a solo artist in 2013 and was received with great prays from the music industry. She released her second EP ”Sink like a stone” in 2016. &nbsp;At this years P3 Guld award in Gothenburg she performed a version of the legendary Jamaican band The Specials old track ”Racist Friend”, together with Linnea Olsson and Frida Sundemo.</p>
Naomi Pilgrim
<p>Omar Souleyman is the wedding singer from Syria with about 500 albums and cassettes behind him, who has gained cult status in the club world. He has worked with greats like Four Tet, Fashion Selector, Damon Albarn and Björk, and perhaps because of this, his music seems to exceed the genres - from traditional <i>dabke</i> to hyperactive electronica. With his persistent focus on love, he seems to spread the message of dance music, to dissolve us in time and space, building bridges where previously there were only walls.</p>
Omar Souleyman
<p>Oscar Axhede is one of the founders of <a href="http://zoundindustries.com" target="_blank">Zound Industries</a>, a Stockholm based tech company that designs, produces, and sells headphones and speakers through its house brands, including Urbanears and Marshall Headphones. Oscar is here to talk about how our brains are getting hijacked by some of the best algorithms of today, and what we can do to get ahead of a curve that is currently being lead by market forces.</p>
Oscar Axhede
<p>Paulina Modlitba Söderlund is a proud MIT Media Lab alum with a background in robot-human-interaction and service design. She is running her own business as a digital leader and freelancing consultant within digital communication, marketing and strategy.</p>
Paulina Modlitba Söderlund
<p>People People is inspired by people to meet new demands and create the future of product development. Wired magazine calls them one of Europes hottest start-ups after they designed Stockholm start-ups successes like the Transparent Speaker, the Flic smart button and Narrative, a wearable camera. The team also helps large international companies such as IKEA, Samsung and Miele to identify and define the right tech products through a structured, fast and creative process.&nbsp;</p>
People People
<p>Pfadfinderei [fɑ:d’fɪndɜ:raɪ] is a Berlin-based design and motion graphics studio specializing in creative services for stage entertainment, large-format media installations, tradeshows and events.&nbsp;Going beyond screen work, they apply innovative ideas to fusing light, video and spatial design.&nbsp;Pfadfinderei also sport a hot roster of patented fonts and design publications.</p>
<p>With their passion for aesthetic experiences and grime matched with a norm critical approach, this Nordic design research duo&nbsp;create genuine insights about human experiences. Their liminal position has led them to develop innovative methods to enrich the design research process and create meaningful design as well as inspire for people & planet friendly business solutions.</p>
Ppork Dork
<p>Based in New York, Resh Sidhu is Creative Director of Framestore’s VR Studio, the Oscar-winning creative firm and leader in virtual/augmented reality, digital, production, VFX and design. She is one of the most well-regarded names in Virtual Reality and one of only a handful of women driving the medium forward.</p>
Resh Sidhu
<p>Vice Mayor Roger Mogert also holds chairman positions of the Culture Committee as well as the City Planning Committee of Stockholm. Additionally, Mogert is the chairman of Stockholm City Theatre and Film Region Stockholm-Mälardalen</p>
Roger Mogert
<p>Born in Las Vegas, <strong>Salome Asega</strong> is an Ethiopian visual artist and independent curator based in Brooklyn. Her practice celebrates dissensus and multivocality. Together with Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde she is the founder of the Iyapo Repository project which addresses the relative lack of representation of Africa and people of African descent in contemporary projections of the future.</p>
Salome Asega
<p>Two of the leading figures of the Nordic electronic music scene for a long time. <strong>Sebastian Mullaert</strong> is well known for his work as one half of Minilogue and for playing venues like Panorama Bar and Blackmarket in New York. <strong>Ulf Eriksson</strong> is foremost known as the boss of Kontra-Musik, a label celebrating its 10th anniversary with several massive releases during 2016, but has also increasingly focused on his international DJ career, playing venues like Berghain, Culture Box and Unit in Tokyo. For the second time they will for Gather team up with visual master <strong>Martin Onassis</strong>.</p>
Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson
<p>People keep asking me how I see the future, and this really is it. My job is to create innovation together with businesses. And my way to contribute to the future is to make those innovations valuable for everybody; for the user, for our society and, of course, for the business itself.</p>
Siduri Poli
<p>Aksel Schaufler, or Superpitcher, now based in Paris, was born in Cologne and most often works under the Cologne-based record label Kompakt. He began his DJ career in the 1990s and became a central figure in what would be called microhouse, a more melodic, melancholy and emotional version of hard dance music. In 2017 he released his epic third full-length album Golden Ravedays, a 24-song album that will extend over 12 chapter albums during a one-year period. Through this he cements his role as techno's romantic dandy.</p>
<p>Based in Estonia, <strong>Taavi Kotka</strong>&nbsp;has been the CIO of the Estonian government since 2013. Under his management, Estonia is working to introduce a virtual citizenship. He discusses how digitization is changing the mechanisms of citizen political involvement, public administration, and even democracy itself.</p>
Taavi Kotka
<p>Tankeapoteket is a social design firm specialized in creating experiences that enhance human connection. Working at the intersection of Psychology, Business and Design, we are determined to build bridges where others see holes and help people thrive in uncertainty.</p>
<p>Communication Sociologist and an expert in Media Art, Hacktivism and Net Culture. <strong>Tatiana Bazzichelli</strong> is the artistic director and curator of The Disruption Network Lab, a conceptual and practical zone based in Berlin, where artists, hackers, activists, networkers, whistle-blowers and critical thinkers enter into a dialogue to generate new possible routes of social and political action.</p>
Tatiana Bazzichelli
<p>Teenage Engineering Soundsystem bridges design and music by combining musical composition with the creation of musical instruments. They often demonstrate new technology in front of a live audience. The group consists of musicians as well as engineers from Teenage Engineering, an electronics company that mainly focuses on designing and building electronic instruments. Teenage Engineering Soundsystem have worked with many diverse partners such as fashion brand Cheap Monday to world renowned artist Bon Iver.</p>
Teenage Engineering Soundsystem
<p>The Amazing Society is a lead agency focusing on digital and social. "We’re social first meaning we acknowledge that social networks have changed the way we do marketing. First we recognize that Facebook and other platforms are the most influential marketing channels today and need to dictate how we spend our marketing investments and also how we think about creativity and messages. Second we recognize that brands need to take grater responsibility for the messages they send to the world as they can be a force for good or a force that’s hurting people. Brands that do not work value driven will lose competitive edge as the consumer is becoming increasingly aware of if brands act responsibly or not."</p>
The Amazing Society
<p>As the Managing Director and Nordic Advanced Technology and Architecture lead at Accenture, <strong>Tomas Nyström</strong> champions innovation and helps organizations change on the enterprise level. He has over 20 years of experience from the industry – all the way from programming and designing systems to leading large practices – and is passionate about technology and technology architecture. Tomas also serves on the global architecture certification board at Accenture.</p>
Tomas Nyström
<p>A technology and strategy-focused product executive with great leadership skills and 18 years successful career within the IT industry - at companies such as Klarna and Oracle. Many know Tuva as one of the hosts of STHLM TECH, the largest tech meetup in Europe, where she monthly discusses tech trends with investors, and gives feedback on pitching start-ups on stage. She is furthermore on the Board of directors at Lunar Way, a Danish Neo-bank.</p> <p>In 2016 Tuva started at Nordnet Bank as CPO and CTO. Nordnet disrupted banking as the first completely digital bank in Europe 20 years ago. Now Tuva and her team aims at redefining the financial industry by building the next generation banking experience.</p>
Tuva Palm
<p>Orten.io is bringing tech events to the so called segregated parts of Sweden, trying to create a platform where people of different backgrounds, social status, genders and religions can meet and get inspired to cooperate within tech entrepreneurship.</p>
Zakarias -orten.io
<p>Vu Bui is the COO of Mojang, the game studio behind the worldwide phenomenon game, Minecraft. His role at Mojang is diverse, and includes managing the Minecraft brand, building new business opportunities, creating Mojang’s live event Minecon, leading multimedia for the Minecraft brand, including producing the Minecraft movie. Vu was a pioneer of and is also the President of the Block by Block Foundation which supports a unique partnership between Mojang and UN Habitat using Minecraft in the process of urban sustainable development.</p> <p>Vu is also the President of the&nbsp;<strong>Block by Block Foundation</strong>,&nbsp;a partnership between Mojang and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). The goal of the project is to involve young people in the planning of urban public spaces using Minecraft. Block by Block have worked with spaces in the Les Cayes waterfront in Haiti, Kiritpur in Nepal, Lotus Garden in Mumbai, India, Kigali in Rwanda, among others.</p>
Vu Bui
<p>As a Media Entrepreneur, &nbsp;dedicated to supporting women in living their<br>most power-filled lives. At the core of Yomi’s work is diversity, inclusion and the<br>advancement of women. As an international speaker, Yomi has presented at Harvard,<br>Yale, MIT the United Nations and TED. As an advisor to founders and leaders, Yomi<br>has supported several companies and organisations in scaling growth through retaining<br>and advancing female talent.<br></p><p>Also a Change Agent, Yomi focuses on the advancement of women and girls. She<br>prepares women to cease and identify opportunities for exponential growth and<br>development. Most recently, Yomi has founded The Fem League a media platform,<br>incubator and community that provides a roadmap for female advancement for women<br>globally.<br></p><p>Yomi is the founder of Stand Up For Fashion (STUFF) a global platform promoting<br>social accountability and responsibility in the fashion industry. She is a graduate of both<br>Columbia School of Journalism, Sciences Politiques Paris and holds a certificate from<br>The Harvard Kennedy School. Yomi currently serves as an associate to the UNESCO<br>Chair for human rights as well as an MIT Legatum Catalyst. She is an editor at Vogue<br>Italia.</p>
Yomi Abiola

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The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) manages civil registration of private individuals and collects taxes such as personal income tax, corporate tax and VAT.


The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in the fields of culture, education, science and business.


VICE is an ever-expanding nebula of immersive investigative journalism, uncomfortable sociological examination, unapologetic activities, making fun of people who should know better, and award-winning documentaries from a worldwide network of contributors in more than 35 countries.